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Dealing With Spam

Spam can be a problem for any email system as spam and/or phishing attacks attempt to find new ways to trick people into clicking their links or opening an attachment.  Connect IN uses multiple methods to prevent spam, but these methods may not always be successful.

The best practice for handling spam while using Connect IN is to keep spam in the Spam folder while keeping any non-spam out of the Spam folder.  Keep in mind it is still possible some false positives may occur.  Checking the Spam folder regularly to remove any false positives should correct this.  By following these guidelines, the system should correctly learn what is and is not spam.

Unable to Send Mail 7am to 10am May 25, 2016

It has been discovered that a recent automatic security update caused an issue where mail was unable to be sent between 7am and 10am on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.  Only attempting to send mail during this time was affected.

If you experience a problem using webmail, please inform the Helpdesk.

Also, please keep in mind that Connect IN currently limits the size of attachments to 5 megabytes and the size of mail accounts to 5 gigabytes.

Webmail Maintenance

Connect IN Webmail was updated between 9pm and 10pm on March 9, 2016.  The new version of the software has slight cosmetic changes, but functionality should remain mostly the same.

Please keep in mind that viewing attached Office files will now upload the file to (Microsoft) to display them.

Should there be any issues with using the new update, please contact the Helpdesk.

Let’s Encrypt!

Now that Let’s Encrypt ( is available, Connect IN supports HTTPS (secure) connections!  Also, for your protection, all Connect IN logins are now forced to use these secure connections.  For best use of HTTPS (receiving the green “https” lock icon in Chrome), all images linked on a page should also be linked via HTTPS.  This proves that the image was not changed somewhere between its original location and the browser viewing it.

Let’s Encrypt also stops the need to accept the previously self-signed certificate when configuring Connect IN Mail for iPhone or Outlook, as long as the server is set to

Merry Christmas!

New Mail Certificate

As Connect IN is a free service, we currently use self-signed certificates for our encrypted (SSL) connections.

For those using Connect IN Mail with a mail application (such as the iPhone’s Mail app or either phone or desktop versions of Outlook), the SSL certificate was recently updated.  This means that, for those using SSL, you will be required to accept the certificate again for each application in order to send/receive mail.

The current certificate is set to last for two years.

This does not affect Connect IN Webmail users.

New Server, New Domain.

As of 8pm, June 1, 2014, we made some internal changes to the Connect IN services to provide better long-term reliability and security.  One of these changes was a new domain name along with new IP address.  To further reflect changing from the AccessPoint service to Connect IN, the support blog (and alternative webmail sites) can now be found at  If you experience any issues that might be due to this transition, please contact the Connect IN Helpdesk.

Update: There may be an issue where Outlook and iPhone users’ settings might not be working properly.  The settings can be changed to reflect the new domain as shown in Configuring Your Mail Client.  If SSL is used, the new certificate may need to be accepted before being able to send or receive email.

AccessPoint, revised.

Welcome to the next step in our revision of AccessPoint:  WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most well-known content management systems on the Internet today, with many already-existing options and plugins to customize your site.  It was originally designed to be a blog, but standard web pages can be designed fairly easily to allow for a more modern mix of the two styles.  The Indiana State Library will be assisting you to recreate your site with WordPress soon.

We are also not forgetting Email.  At the moment, we are currently testing AfterLogic.

AfterLogic brings AccessPoint webmail back to this decade with an intuitive, easy to use interface.  Contacts must be exported from SquirrelMail, though, and imported into AfterLogic.  Users who prefer SquirrelMail need not fret, however, as we will continue to provide the old interface as well.  To try out the new interface, just add /webmail to your web address, such as:

Please send any questions about AccessPoint via the following: