Monthly Archives: October 2021

Mail Quotas

The Connect IN Mail service provides free email addresses to any public library in Indiana that requests it.  As a free service, we must limit the storage space used by each email address, as the Connect IN project shares server space with several other Indiana State Library projects.

Thus, we currently limit the storage allotment, or quota, for each email address to 10 GB.  Increasing this limit would also increase the limit available to all Connect IN email addresses.  Because of this, we do not recommend using Connect IN Mail for any kind of document or file storage.  We recommend saving large attachments separately and removing any emails that have them.  This includes emails with large attachments that may be kept in the Sent folder.  When a mail account reaches 95% of this quota, a weekly reminder will be sent to reduce usage.  Exceeding the quota will result in bouncing messages after 5 days.

If a library requires a Connect IN Mail account to have more than 10 GB of storage, the Connect IN Mail address can be affiliated with another service, such as a Gmail account, but we recommend having someone familiar with this process perform this task, as the training required to use this goes beyond the scope of the Connect IN program.

The Connect IN program maintains being a free service by using already existing resources of the Indiana State Library.  By design, it includes specific limitations to remain a free service.  In doing so, Connect IN provides public libraries with limited resources access to Web and Mail service with their own domain that they otherwise would not have.