Configuring Your Mail Client

The Library Webmaster should use these settings to configure Connect IN Email accounts.

The Basics:
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
Login/Username: (Your Email Address)
Password: (Your Password)
Outgoing email requires authentication.

Incoming Port Numbers:
IMAP:  143
IMAP (with SSL):  993
POP:  110
POP (with SSL):  995

Outgoing Port Numbers:
SMTP:  25 or 587  (Many ISPs block port 25.)
SMTP (with SSL):  465
(If your mail client has a specific option for using TLS, use 587.)

IMAP Path Prefix (or “root folder”): INBOX

Connect IN recommends using TLS or SSL connections whenever possible.

Compatible Mail Applications
Connect IN Mail is known to be compatible with the following email applications:

  • Outlook (Desktop/iOS/Android only)
  • Thunderbird
  • Apple/iPhone Mail
  • BlueMail (for Android)

For a more detailed walkthrough, please choose which mail client you are configuring for Connect IN Mail.

Incompatible Mail Applications
Connect IN Mail itself is not directly compatible with the following:

  • (Web only)
  • Windows 10 Mail

Advanced Use:  Mail Forwards
For more advanced users, a mail forward can be set, which will send all received mail to a specified email address. This can be used to manage a Connect IN Mail address from a Gmail or account, instead of the Connect IN Mail server itself.  In either case, “Send As (SMTP)” credentials will need to be configured in order to send mail as the Connect IN Mail address.

Set Mail Forward: