Maintaining Secure Sites

With the recent push towards secure web browsing, all Connect IN sites will now be served over HTTPS.  Previously, HTTPS had been reserved either for user logins or for libraries who had already chosen to switch.  As concerns grow over sites’ authenticity, Connect IN is proactively taking this step towards a more secure experience.

At this time, HTTPS has already been enabled for all Connect IN sites.  Due to this, it is possible that some sites might need some touch ups if there are specific HTTP-sourced images, linked CSS or javascript, or other tags.  In most cases, this only requires changing the http in the source URL to https.  In addition, some browsers—such as Microsoft Edge—may even go so far as to say an HTTPS connection is not secure if some of the images use an HTTP source.

Any inquiries on how to make these changes can be sent to the Connect IN Heldpesk.

Thank you for helping us maintain secure browsing for our patrons.